Project Description

Colt Fosburgh

Managing Partner


Colt loves to help people. He’s a dynamic problem solver, an idea generator living on the edge of possibility and encouraging others to join him. There’s nothing he likes more than figuring out how to solve complex business challenges for his friends and clients or anticipating problems and taking action to counteract them.

Colt is the Managing Partner at Compensation Works, where he develops and manages infrastructure and operations, including information technology, accounting, recruiting, and partnerships while sharing business development responsibilities.

In a past life, he was at different times working with venture capital-backed high technology companies and working for and with the government in Washington DC and Europe. Colt has worked as an employee in government, for-profit public, private, and non-profit companies and hundreds of clients spanning all manner of industries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Some of this work was as co-founder and Chief Political Officer for REDdotBLUE, a tech startup created to repurpose data stored in government servers. He also served as Chief Operating Officer with the Free Enterprise Fund, a non-profit political advocacy group that provided policy guidelines to members of Congress in Washington DC.

Colt was also the founder and for five years the president of VentureHire, a retained search firm specializing in high-growth technology companies. In addition, he acted as North America’s Managing Director of Talent Acquisition for HR outsourcing company Tri-Net.

Colt is a recovering workaholic, passionate futurist, amateur economist, demographer, historian, and conservationist.

He earned a BBA in Finance from Seattle University, is a member of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCP), and plans to concentrate on writing in the near term and finishing his Master’s Degree in Cyber Counter-Terrorism.

When he’s not working, Colt enjoys reading, hiking, boating, climbing, volunteering, playing with his English Labrador, and most of all time with his family.