Project Description

Compensation On Demand

Compensation On-Demand is our dynamically scalable close partnership compensation consulting service. Our team is embedded within our client’s organization, learning and using their systems while remaining a part of our national consulting team. This hybrid model provides the flexibility of client-managed consultants with the support and depth of knowledge of a national compensation team. Our consultants bring the institutional knowledge from hundreds of clients and thousands of projects. They solve your everyday challenges in real-time, with your team, in context with your company’s workflow, by removing roadblocks and building systems, all with a project team in reserve backing their every move. It’s time to stop worrying and become a hero.




Management of compensation programs has become increasingly complex, with increasing levels of internal and external expertise required. We partner with you to provide access to full compensation management support, including competitive market analysis, strategic communications, pay program modeling, program integration, job description review, and benefits program design.

What Does Our Compensation On Demand Solutions Process Look Like?


“Our needs spanned day to day management of key HR Administrative functions, Sales Commission Program management, and targeted, strategic planning for new and existing programs. Their consultants have broad-reaching skills and expertise and were able to seamlessly embed themselves within the HR team and overall corporate culture. They provide scalable, customized HR consulting services that are entirely responsive to the voice of the customer.”

-VP, Human Resources

Medical Device Company


We believe the unexpected in business will happen and that everyone needs a reliable partner they can count on to pick up the slack, fill in or take compensation to the next level. Our job is to allow you to live your hours outside of work without the stress of work following you. We provide hope, and we remove fear by becoming an extension of your team, and we will make you look good!