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We are the premier compensation consulting company in the Northwest providing custom, data-driven solutions that support your business strategies and human capital initiatives in a manner worthy of your trust and confidence.

We have extensive experience in designing, developing, and implementing comprehensive compensation plans including job evaluation systems, market pricing, pay structure development, strategic communications, performance management, executive compensation, and incentive design.

Benchmarking & Pay Structure Development

Philosophy – Market Analysis - Pay Structures – Job Leveling – Classification - Communication

Pay Fundamentals

Salary benchmarking matches internal job descriptions to external jobs with similar responsibilities and identifies the market rate for each position. We partner with you to develop pay structure philosophies that align with your business strategy, and then use market assessments and salary comparisons to build customized solutions that are right for you.

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Short & Long Term Incentive Plan Design

Strategy – Market Analysis - Pay for Performance – Modeling – Plan Documentation – Implementation - Communication

Incentive Plan Design

After getting to know your organization, current job structure and links between performance and pay; we identify, design and implement an incentive program that works best for your organization. This approach helps you develop meaningful incentive plans that are aligned with your compensation strategy and rewards.

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Executive Compensation

Philosophy - Market Analysis – Short and Long Term Incentive – Board of Directors - Communication

Executive Compensation

Successful compensation packages provide the tools necessary to recruit and retain your key individuals while providing executives with compensation that has long-term growth potential. We partner with you to create a comprehensive executive compensation plan based on established philosophies and align it with organizational goals.

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Strategic Communications

Strategic Communication - Onsite Support - Leadership Change - Change Management

Strategic Communications

Effective communication strategies and well thought out plans can inform and engage internal audiences, lead to increased productivity, drive behavior change and inspire your workforce. From compensation communication to support thru change management initiatives, we help our clients by crafting impactful communication strategies that inform, engage and inspire.

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Pay Equity Compliance

Risk assessment – Data - Pay Gap – Pay Practices – Pay Policies – Objective – Implementation – Communication

Pay Equity

Many organizations are faced with pressure to understand obligations regarding equal pay. We can assess potential risks and review your current pay practices for compliance and unintended consequences. Our proprietary tool is then deployed to conduct a comprehensive analysis, identifying pay gaps and possible reasons for the pay gaps.

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Sales Compensation Design

Effectiveness Assessment - Model Development - Plan Documentation - Communication

Sales Compensation

A well-designed sales compensation plan helps drive sales, motivates employees, and drives desired business results.  We partner with you to design customized sales compensation plans that are competitive externally and equitable internally. We help clarify business objectives, streamline your organization structure, improve accountabilities and role definition.

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Co-Sourced Compensation Solutions

Survey Submission – Market Pricing – Structure Analysis – Implementation – Job Descriptions – Communication

Co-Sourced Compensation Solutions

Management of compensation programs has become increasingly complex given the level of internal and external expertise required. We partner with you to provide access to full compensation management support, including competitive market analysis, strategic communications, pay program modeling, program integration, job description review and benefit program design.

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Manager Training – Compensation Fundamentals – Bootcamp for Generalists

Building Your Knowledge

We know that change can be overwhelming, and implementing a new system is challenging. We partner with you throughout the process and after your compensation analysis, gap analysis or compensation programs are designed, we support you with the communication strategies and the training needed to support adoption.

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Benefits Assessment

Competitive Market Evaluation - Plan Design - Cost Study - Communication

Benefits Assessment

Employee benefits are crucial to achieving your company’s goals and objectives. Offering benefits to your employees shows them you are willing to invest in their overall health and future. Competitive market evaluation, plan design, cost analysis, custom manuals, training, and strategic communication support the design of a new plan that will help you retain and attract top talent.

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Our Promise

Our Clients Say

“Their available compensation services are extensive. Their work is based on sound compensation principles and practices. I recommend Compensation Works without reservation.”

Chief People Officer, Major Data Center Operator & Developer

“The entire Compensation Works team were great to work with. They were patient to help us understand and had the ability, knowledge, and skillset to get the job done.”

VP of Finance & Operations, Espresso Machine Manufacturer

“I have worked with Compensation Works over the last 15 years in various capacities and across several challenging projects. Their professionalism, confidentiality, prudence and just overall great advice have always been exceptional.”

President, Investment Solutions Company

“I wholeheartedly recommend Compensation Works as the experts to facilitate and maximize every facet of your company’s strategy for structuring a highly-effective, comprehensive compensation plan.”

SVP & CHRO, Regional Credit Union

“Compensation Works can help a company leader imagine and think through a pay plan that ties the executive incentives to the success of the business. They are very patient and gracious, and have excellent people skills.”

CEO, One of the Largest Radiology Groups in the Nation

“Compensation works was able to explain and facilitate decisions with the president and controller of our company who are foreign nationals.”

Business Manager, Semiconductor Company

“I will use Compensation Works again in the future. They have extraordinary resources, extraordinary judgment, work well with boards and CEOs. Plus, they have given us a successful outcomes three times. I offer my recommendation.”

President, Seattle Marketing and Technology Company

“I have worked with the principals of Compensation Works over the last 15 years in various capacities and across several challenging projects.  Their professionalism, confidentiality, prudence, and just overall great advice has always been exceptional.”

President, Investment Solutions Company

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