Trending Perks: Remote Work Environments

One of the most significant perk trends we have seen over the past year, and expect to see more of in the future, is a flexible work environment.

Remote work has become easier thanks to technological advances and increased mobility. This trend is prompting organizations to explore new ways of working at faster paces. Organizations are turning their focus to innovation and developing a new culture and retention methods to remain competitive.

As a result, we see more companies offer flexible commute schedules, and the remote job market is spreading beyond traditional remote-friendly fields.

There are both benefits and challenges for employers and employees when it comes to adopting this new flexible working culture.

As people are allowed to choose to work where they are most efficient, this work from anywhere approach boosts productivity and teamwork. Removing commute time and workplace distractions allow for optimum efficiency, and a multitude of technological tools are available that support team collaboration and effective communication.

This shift in work environment requires re-thinking culture as it functions today. Facilitating a change in attitude, elimination of old work-from-home perceptions, and embracing a new approach to how people work and collaborate, will ensure success in this new culture future.

Measuring performance based on outcomes and not hours worked reassures employees that management understands that being present does not necessarily equal quality work.

What are ways that you can continue to connect with your team and support relationship building?

  • Video collaboration technology has been shown to improve Using video as a method to meet with colleagues helps keep the human interaction element that can sometimes lack when working remotely. This enables employees to develop better relationships.
  • Technological tools that enable communication and collaboration motivate employees to pick up the phone, seek face time and create team bonding opportunities.

How can we help?

Corporate culture is a statement of identity and often changes naturally over time. When a culture shift is needed in a non-organic way, pulling off that change successfully can be tough. We partner with you to build a comprehensive communication strategy that will help shape the culture beneath it.

Also, our benefits experts help you measure and communicate the value of your benefits program, review program costs related to your industry and measure the competitiveness of your current offerings.