We have extensive experience in designing, developing, and implementing comprehensive compensation plans including job evaluation systems, market pricing, pay structure development, performance management, executive compensation, and incentive design.

When our clients need comprehensive benefits analysis and recommendations that help set them apart and increase the competitiveness of their offerings, we deliver.

Employee benefits are crucial to achieving your company’s goals and objectives. Offering comprehensive benefits to your employees shows them you are willing to invest in their overall health and future. Competitive market evaluation, plan design, cost analysis, custom manuals, training, and strategic communication support the design of a new plan that will help you retain and attract top talent.

Our benefit experts help you measure and communicate the value of your benefits program, review program costs related to your industry and measure the competitiveness of your current program. We then offer solutions that will increase your competitiveness plus solutions that help you get more out of your investment in them.

Our experts have deep expertise with competitive market evaluation, plan design, cost studies, and strategic communication. We are committed to creating competitive benefits programs that are tailored to our clients’ needs, goals, and philosophy.

Our organizational structure allows us to scale to nearly any size project rapidly. We have close business relationships with leading nationally renowned compensation professionals and a track record of working together seamlessly to accomplish even the largest projects.

We provide a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for plan changes by assessing current practices and plans that support your strategic goals.

Competitive market evaluation
Benefits plan design
Comparative cost study
Internal communication strategies

If you find yourself unable to answer the following questions, we should talk!

How do I measure and communicate the value of my benefits program?
Are my benefits program costs in line with my industry?
How do I measure the competitiveness of my benefits program?
How do increase the competitiveness of my benefits offerings?
How do I get more out of my benefits programs for my investment?

Do your employees know what benefits you provide? Do you communicate this to your employees or is it something they only see during recruitment and onboarding? Do you have a benefits communication plan to keep them updated?

Effective communication should be a key consideration and is essential if the benefits package you have created is going to perform the role it was designed to do:

Attract top talent
Retain key employees
Improve performance
Support a fit, active and healthy lifestyle
Boost employee morale

Our team has deep expertise in strategic communication strategies and can help build a plan that illuminates offerings, inspires and engages with employees. We work with you to design a communication program that will help you unlock benefits engagement.

Competitive market evaluation
Plan design
Cost study
Custom manuals
Compensation training
Compensation plan communication
Employee information sessions

Our Clients Say

“Compensation Works is professional, competent, engaging, and easy to talk to and work with. They use a structured process as their prototype, but where we needed to take special circumstances into consideration, they were able to fold those in with no problem.”
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