Challenge: Our client was concerned that employees were not being paid according to Human Resource (HR) policies and state and federal labor laws and regulations.

Solution Deployed: We conducted a full audit of the client’s payroll practices, examining all payroll calculations, application of HR and payroll policies to actual payroll payments made, and segregation of duties within the payroll and HR teams.

We reviewed their employee handbook and payroll procedures and then researched state and federal laws and regulations to determine if their pay practices were consistent and compliant.

We interviewed Payroll, HR, and Finance personnel to validate our initial findings, and we presented our client with a detailed audit report that included recommendations for resolving each of the issues that had been identified in the report.

Business Value Delivered: Our client reduced their legal risk by implementing our recommended changes to payroll procedures and resolved several issues uncovered in the audit.

Client Industry: Healthcare

Project Type: Compliance, Pay Practices

Business Structure: Non-Profit