Effective Communication: Is it time for a Communication Audit?

Do you know if your employee communication is effective?

Conducting a communications audit can be a great way to find an answer to that vital question. The audit process is an excellent opportunity to highlight strengths, find opportunities for efficiencies, shape content strategy and uncover any possible weaknesses.

Why is effective communication so important?

  • Highly engaged employees perform at high levels and productivity increases, not only for themselves but for those around them
  • Establishing and communicating clear objectives creates alignment within an organization
  • Highly engaged employees that have a shared vision of goals, strategies, and values tend to unite around them
  • The more employees understand their role in the big picture or mission of the organization, the more they will engage in its success

Why choose an outside consultant?

Consulting with an external team can provide an objective view and offers the additional bandwidth that may be needed to get the job done. A good partner will make recommendations for refinement of your messaging strategy, process, and communication vehicles of choice. Such recommendations can bolster your current efforts to ensure continued, sustainable, long term communication success.

A thorough communications audit might involve:

  • Observing employee behaviors and interactions with current communication vehicles
  • Talking to employees and leaders about how they gain and use the information you share
  • Completing a demographic evaluation of your workforce
  • Reviewing recent engagement data, you have collected
  • Evaluating current communication channels and employee behaviors with them
  • Conducting communication planning workshops
  • Tracking questions employees ask during town hall meetings to identify key themes

An audit can help you establish or refine:

  • Employee communication objectives and goals
  • How employees prefer to receive critical information
  • Strategies most effective for your organization
  • Current opinions about internal content and delivery systems
  • If your current system supports business goals
  • Employee communications opportunities

How can we help?

Compensation Works has the expertise and bandwidth to support your organizations’ unique communication audit needs. We partner with your team to provide meaningful feedback, recommendations, and observations. We add bench strength and a unique perspective to your busy team. We help our clients by crafting impactful communication strategies that inform, engage and inspire.