Challenge: A professional services client was managing their pay differently in different parts of the organization. Concerns about pay discrimination and internal equity drove the need for implementation of an organization-wide and consistently administered compensation plan. Managers were fearful of change and needed training, mentoring and communications support to help navigate the new system.

Solution Deployed: The new program included a thorough market analysis of all jobs, development of a new pay structure and incentive plan. Inconsistencies discovered were shared with leaders, and changes were made to create equitable pay structures within the organization.

Some managers were resistant to the new process and confused by the new structure. With ongoing training and support, managers began to support the change, were able to explain pay decisions to employees, and acknowledged that the new tools in place saved time and supported their 1:1 conversations with employees about their pay.

Business Value Delivered: Our client reduced their legal risk by analyzing their pay practices and implementing our recommendations.  Leadership successfully navigated the change, and overall employee engagement increased.

Client Industry: Professional Services

Project Type: Change Management, Pay Practices, Strategic Communication, Pay Equity

Business Structure: For-Profit, Privately Held