Attraction and Retention

It is a well-known fact that content, engaged employees tend to work harder, produce better results and more importantly – stick around. So why are so many organizations reporting an increase in employee turnover and what can they do to retain top employees?

People search for new jobs for a reason. Occasionally, a great opportunity drops into someone’s lap, but this is typically not the case. If you are ahead of the curve, you can figure out how you can provide that great opportunity for them instead. Take time now to get to know your team, and what motivates them and create a work environment they can’t imagine leaving.

Why People Leave and How to Keep Them

  • Relationship with a boss: a toxic relationship with a boss undermines an employee’s engagement, confidence, and commitment.
  • Relationship with co-workers: Trailing a close second to an employee’s manager, coworkers are critical components of their everyday work environment. Simply put, healthy relationships with coworkers help you retain employees.
  • Feel unchallenged or bored: Employees inherently want to enjoy their work. Keep employees engaged, excited, and challenged and they will contribute, create, and perform.
  • Contribution and connection: Employees want to understand and connect their role to the big picture. They want to feel that their work matters and they need your help to connect their job to the vision, mission and strategic plan for the organization.
  • Opportunity and growth: Employees want continued growth and promotion opportunities. Make sure that you know their hopes and dreams and help them map a path to achieving them.
  • Meaningfulness: People want to be part of something that makes a difference. Helping your employees connect to why their work has meaning creates a connection that makes them want to stay.
  • Culture: Employees stay in environments where communications are transparent, management is accessible, executives are approachable, and direction is clear. They want to feel appreciated, be treated with respect and provided with appropriate compensation, benefits, and perks. The culture you create keeps employees—or turns them away.
  • Recognition: Employees want to be recognized for their contributions. Provide genuine appreciation and recognition for your team, in a way that is meaningful to them.

What makes employees want to stay?

The best way to retain employees is to stay in touch with what they’re thinking and how they feel. Actively engage with and keep in touch with your employees. Think about employee retention every day.

Ask questions to find out if they are happy with their work and if their needs for healthy relationships, belonging, challenge, development, and meaningful work are being met.

Provide the communication, problem-solving, feedback, and recognition that they need and crave.

Ask yourself if systems, structures, processes, and communications within your organization are supportive of employee needs for meaningful work, fair compensation and benefits, and the ability to influence their work.

How can we help?

Compensation Works has the expertise and bandwidth to support your organizations’ unique communication, culture, compensation structure, and benefit needs. We partner with your team to provide meaningful feedback, recommendations, and observations. We add bench strength and a unique perspective to your busy team. We help our clients by crafting impactful strategies that inform, engage and inspire and most importantly, retain your team.